06 December 2007

Tag! I'm It!

The lovely Ricki, of Diet, Dessert and Dogs tagged me earlier today for a meme. I have a vague memory of doing one like this on my other blog, but it's nice to re-think some things now and then.

Off we go...


* In high school, I worked as a jewelry expediter for Service Merchandise, a department store of sorts.
* During college, I probably had the most conversation-worthy jobs. I spent several semesters working as a camera operator and audio engineer at CNBC in Fort Lee, NJ. Back in the late 1980s when I used to (gasp!) smoke, Morton Downey used to bum cigarettes off me. Boy could I tell you stories about the stuff that went on there. But I won't.
* Also, right before college graduation, I worked for a friend in Burbank, Calif. We worked on "special effects" for some pretty bad movies.
* Another interesting job was writing about new foods for a BBS. If you're too young to remember, that's where folks used to chat online before there was a World Wide Web. Makes me feel old just saying that, and I'm only 38.


* Sacramento, Calif., where I was born.
* Allentown, Penn., where I once graced the cover of "The Morning Call." However, you could not see my face. It was obscured by a giant Lincoln hat in honor of the U.S. bicentennial.
* Danbury, Conn., but only for my first year of college. That year, Danbury was home to a man who ran his wife through a woodchipper after murdering her. It was also ranked the number 1 place to live by "USA Today" that year. A federal prison is at the opposite end of town from where I spent my freshman year of college.
* North Caldwell, NJ, where I spent my teenage years.


* Venice, Italy. Ah Venice.
* London, England. Great fun.
* Acadia National Park, Maine. You must go. You simply must.
* Zion National Park, Utah. Again, you must go. Especially if you're a tax-paying American. For Pete's sake, it's OUR LAND!


* Baked goods. Hehehe. My absolute favorite is the Halvah Shortbread.
* Pizza. There's a good place within walking distance, but there's nothing like making your own and having it fresh from the oven.
* Mom's matzo brei. It's like a giant mazto and egg pancake. Mmmmm. It's just the way she makes it. I can't duplicate it.
* Garlicky guacamole and hummus with chips tie for 4th. The lemony, the better.


* Well, if I could always take John with me, anywhere is fine with me. But, if I must choose, here are my four: anywhere in Italy; Zion, Utah; visiting Dawn in Nashville; and northern California, driving along the coast.


Ricki said...

Hi Deb,

Thanks for participating in this (and for adding my blog to your links--it's very much appreciated).

Well, your jobs are definitely much more interesting than mine were--I am totally envious of the time with Morton Downey (ah, the good ole days, when we all used to smoke!).

Deb Schiff said...

Hey Ricki,
Thanks for the comments. I also had the pleasure of working with Dick Cavett when we both were at CNBC. It was a very interesting time in my life. Which is not to say that my days aren't interesting now. Just differently interesting. ;D