15 January 2010

The Agave Police, Yet Again

Once again, agave nectar is getting a bad rap out on the blogs. Since I can only speak from my own experience, that is what I shall do (yet again). It's up to you, my fine friends, to decide what you wish to put in your body. Because, after all, we are what we eat.

Unlike other sweeteners I have experienced, agave nectar does not affect me in a negative way. I do not become flushed, nor does my blood sugar spike, then plummet. For me, agave nectar is the only sweetener I can tolerate in reasonable, moderate to small amounts (which is all we need anyway). Because I'm so sensitive to sugars, I have discovered through painful trial and error that if I want sweets, I can eat sweets with agave nectar. However, I am conscious of the serving size and don't eat foods with agave nectar every day (sometimes, not for weeks).

Like any food that is calorie-laden, it's important to watch the number and size of servings. So, all that to say, do your own research, read up on agave nectar, and make your own decisions. In the meantime, I'll still be baking and cooking with it, and sharing my recipes here with those who wish to read them.


Stacy said...

I haven't seen anything about it--why on earth would agave nectar get a bad rap?

Deb Schiff said...

Hi Stacy,
You might want to google it.

Sophie said...

I love using agave also because of the lower glycemic index!

I don't use it enough in my baking!