06 August 2007

Super Luscious Beany Brownies

Typically, I’ll alter one recipe at a time, but this one is actually a re-styling of two recipes. I had been researching how to replace fat (or at least a portion of it) in baked goods with pureed beans when I came across a blogged recipe by Su Good Eats. She’d taken an insanely rich and intensely chocolaty brownie recipe from Epicurious and turned it just a scootch healthier by substituting pureed white beans for half the butter.

I hope that I’ve continued in her tradition and made them even healthier by boosting the fiber further via whole wheat pastry flour and coconut flour instead of the regular cake flour. Of course, I also used agave nectar instead of the sugar (cutting it by 1/2 cup), and I used unsweetened carob chips and carob powder for the bittersweet chocolate and cocoa powder. Finally, I added walnuts because they break up the intensity quite a bit.

These are definitely the most creamy and luscious brownies I’ve ever had. The most surprising thing was that they didn’t taste beany in the least. Nor could I detect the whole grain flour.

I can’t with any conscience say these are healthy, but taken in small doses, they can tackle a sweet craving pretty quickly.

Here's a short film I made of the baking process.


Moop_stick said...

Wow. I would have never thought about replacing fat with beans. It sounds like a great way to add protein too. I guess this makes them "healthy" in "small" doses.
I really want to try this.

Deb Schiff said...

Hey Moop_stick,

Thanks for the comment. They are soooooo worth the effort. The recipe makes a giant batch of really intense brownies, so I suggest that you freeze half, and cut the rest into small pieces. Otherwise, you'll end up defeating the purpose of cutting the fat in half. Which is not to say that they're low fat, because they're simply not. They just have a bit more fiber and a bit less fat than they normally would have. I'll be doing more experimenting with this now that I know the flavor won't be affected at all. :D


bee said...

what a great recipe. it's been bookmarked. love your site, deb. i'm adding you to our blogroll.

Deb Schiff said...

Thanks ever so much, Bee! How lovely!