02 June 2008

Ricki's Cookies

I saw these cookies on Ricki's blog and thought "I have got to make these. They're simple and I can substitute agave nectar 1 for 1 with the maple syrup."

They're really a breeze to make. My only substitution was the agave for the maple syrup. And, I dropped the oven temp to 325 degrees F to avoid the quick browning that seems to happen with agave recipes. That only added two extra minutes to the baking time.

The result? Well, they're all gone. I made them yesterday and ate all 15 of them in the last 24 hours. Thank goodness the only fat comes from a small amount of tahini and the walnuts.

Go visit Ricki's blog for the complete recipe (and to see her gorgeous dogs).


Anonymous said...

Hi, Deb!

So glad you liked these (we had a similar experience the first time I made them. . . I've learned to give them away since then!). Thanks for the link. I'm curious to know whether you tried coconut flour instead of barley (since I know the coconut's a favorite of yours. . )?

Deb Schiff said...

Hey Ricki!
Great question. Nope, I followed your directions on the barley flour bit. Because you'd already used a liquid sweetener, I didn't need to absorb any extraneous liquid. Nice of you that way.