23 June 2008

Product Review: Agave-Sweetened Bumble Bars

BumbleBar is such a cool company. They use only organic ingredients, and more than 70% of those ingredients come from worker-owned cooperatives. Not only that, but their bars are very tasty.

Recently, the 13-year-old company added four new agave-sweetened bars to their collection: Awesome Apricot, Chunky Cherry, Tasty Tropical, and Cherry Chocolate.

Since chocolate is on my no-eat list, I just tried the apricot, cherry, and tropical flavors. When I opened the first package, I noted that the bar is pretty flat. Also, it tends to bend pretty easily, so it's handy for pulling off small bits at a time.

All of the bars are pretty seedy -- and by that I mean that they have plenty of sesame seeds. They're also a bit on the sweet side (for me, so I just had a small portion at a time) and quite sticky from the agave nectar. Keep that in mind for car eating. You might want to put a couple of wet naps in your glove compartment.

Overall, I really enjoyed the flavors and the seediness of the bars. They also tasted so fresh. It was nice to try a new choice for a healthy, organic energy bar, especially from family-run, ethical company.


GregWA said...

Oooo, I love these bars. Haven't had the agave-sweetened ones yet, but the original ones are terrific. And I've always loved that there were made ethically (and by a local company - Vashon Island, Washington).

These are a frequent morning snack in my office. Good to see them getting some exposure!

Deb Schiff said...

Thanks, Greg! I couldn't try the original ones because they're sweetened with cane juice (read: cane sugar), which does a number on my system. Agave doesn't, thankfully. However, everything in moderation. :D

Amy said...

Yum! These sound SO good. Where did you get them?

Anonymous said...

So far, we can only get the cane sweetened ones here. . .but I'll look out for those with agave!

Deb Schiff said...

Hi Amy,

Thanks for visiting. Although quite a few natural retailers sell them, you can buy BumbleBars right on line at: http://www.bumblebar.com/index.asp?PageAction=Custom&ID=10 .
Try your local health food store or Whole Foods. They'll either have it or can easily order it for you.

Deb Schiff said...

Ricki -- as I mentioned to Amy, ask your local health food store manager to order them for you. They'd probably be willing to go halvesies on a box. ;D

Shakespere said...

Thanks for the review. Your blog looks wonderful.

Deb Schiff said...

Thanks, Shakespere. Glad you enjoy my blog.