10 June 2008

Product Review: Gaby's Gourmet Granola

I'm fortunate to be a working member of my local health food co-op, the George Street Co-op. During one of my working days late last month, I sampled a package of Gaby's Gourmet Granola in the Pine Nut Anise flavor. I was happily surprised to read that Gaby uses agave nectar (along with brown rice syrup) to sweeten the granola. Although I could have done without the brown rice syrup, I really enjoyed the flavor of the granola straight from the bag.

I didn't have many pine nuts in my package, but could definitely taste the anise flavor with the nuts, oats and sesame seeds.

As the year progresses, I see more and more companies adopting agave nectar as a sweetener. It's heartening to see because it gives folks like me (sensitive to sugar) many more options. On the other hand, it just makes it that much more challenging to count calories.

What about you? Have you noticed more news articles and products with agave where you live? Please let me know.


Tracy said...

Sounds yummy, I love anise and this sounds like a tasty combo.

I haven't noticed agave nectar in more products lately, maybe I just need to keep my eyes peeled. I love it because it is such an easy sweetener. It dissolves readily in hot or cold liquids, has a lower glycemic index, and is as vegan as it gets. :c) Hooray for agave nectar!

Deb Schiff said...

Right on!
Thanks for visiting, Tracy.

LK Sisters said...

Anise granola sounds so unique - and tasty!

As for agave, I haven't read too much, but I have read that it is a good low-glycemic sugar, and some raw fruit bars that I buy have agave in it.

BTW thanks for visiting our blog!