19 November 2007

Pistachio Gelato Remix

Yes, my friends, it's another winning recipe of David Lebovitz's that I altered to use with agave nectar. Since I only made one alteration to his recipe (agave for cane sugar), I suggest you visit the original recipe for the ingredients and directions.

OK, make that two alterations. I used Heidi's Sweet Pistachio Butter recipe instead of the Bronte pistachio paste David recommended (however, he posted the link to Heidi's recipe as well). In that recipe, I selected salted and roasted pistachio meats (no shelling for me!) as well as dry roasted and unsalted almonds.

I also used agave for the granulated sugar when I used the stick blender to make the paste.

I imagine that the roasted state of the nuts gave the nut butter a different flavor than that of raw nuts. Last week, Trader Joe's had raw pistachios, so I'll have to try it again sometime soon. Robyn, you'll have to come down and try it. :) I know how you feel about pistachio gelato.

It's really thick stuff with a decidedly roasted almond flavor. It's not overly sweet or rich, but it was pretty grainy from the nuts. Perhaps if I use raw cashews with the pistachios, I'd end up with the same richness, but more pistachio flavor. I'd bet that the graininess disappears somewhat when raw nuts are used. What do you think?

It's not my favorite, unlike the vegan carob ice cream, but it's light enough to top off a heavy meal.

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