27 August 2007

A Class Act

If you've ever visited the wonderful blog of David Lebovitz, you probably already know that he's an excellent dessert chef and highly amusing writer. More than that, I discovered this morning, he's a very classy guy.

Earlier, he posted with a title "Sugar-Free Chocolate Ice Cream." Curious, since he doesn't tend to do the sugar-free bit, I read more to find that he uses our friend agave nectar to make the delicious-looking ice cream. Now, for those of you who have been following along, you know how I feel about writers calling agave "sugar-free."

So, I wrote a short and very polite comment on David's post enlightening him to the fructose/glucose make-up of agave nectar. Not much later, he stopped by here to let me know he corrected the title of the post and recipe, and responded to my comment on his blog. What a class act!

In the past, I've stopped by other blogs and politely commented regarding the same issue only to be met with highly defensive, closed-minded responses. It was truly refreshing to have someone of David's stature respond in such an affirming and positive way. What a nice fellow.

I might not wait until Channuka for The Perfect Scoop ice cream book he published earlier this year. He's also written a handful of other lovely cookbooks I might have to buy sooner rather than later as well.

If you're in the least bit interested about life in Paris, you should definitely read his blog. He shares his wide range of experiences living in France as well as delicious recipes such as the one he posted today.

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