10 July 2007

A Meme

Well, I haven't been tagged for a meme in a while, and never for this blog, so I thought I'd honor Tara's tag and participate.

Here are the rules: Each participant posts eight random facts about themselves. Tagees should write a blogpost of eight random facts about themselves. At the end of the post, eight more bloggers are tagged.

My eight random facts (within the topic of the blog and food in general) about myself:

1. I will gladly eat the most bruised banana in the bunch. This suits John just fine because he prefers them speckle-free. In fact, I'm eating a mashed, severely bruised one right now.

2. Even prior to realizing my dietary sensitivities, I altered recipes to suit my taste and to figure out what would happen if I did something different with them.

3. When friends and/or family and I go out for a meal, I often ask them to order dessert so that I might live vicariously through them. I also request detailed descriptions of the dish for a "fuller" experience. I don't find it torturous, instead, it's hugely amusing. It's like participatory voyeurism (oxymoronic, I know).

4. I'm a huge fan of many food bloggers. My Google reader has 46 entries. Thank goodness they don't all update their sites daily!!! If you asked me my favorites, it would be hard to say, but among those I've pretty devoted to reading for a while are The Amateur Gourmet, The Girl Who Ate Everything, Culinary in the Country (formerly Desert), and Cream Puffs in Venice.

5. On many occasions, I will prefer something savory to something sweet. I will always prefer something crunchy to something gooey.

6. Now that I know how to bake really tasty cookies with agave nectar, I no longer look for fruit-sweetened cookies in the stores.

7. I drink a lot of herbal tea. To my right is a cup of my homebrewed iced tea made from St. John's wort and ginseng peppermint teas. I like it strong, too. It usually doesn't have any sweetener in it because it's just me drinking the stuff.

8. Finally (!) my biggest challenge at the moment is developing an agave frosting that won't melt away if the temperatures are high.

Consider yourselves tagged! Please leave a comment on my blog here with a link to your meme entry. I'd like to see your eight random facts.

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