11 July 2007

The Best Mint Carob Chip Ice Cream Ever

I'm not exaggerating. This stuff is smooth, creamy and lush. Lush in the way velvet feels on your skin. The mint isn't overpowering in the least, and the chips are just the right foil for the cream. It's not low-calorie stuff, mind you, but it's a great indulgence on a rare occasion.

I found the original recipe at Allrecipes.com. My changes included:

1. Using whole milk for the 2% milk.
2. Using agave nectar for the sugar.
3. Using peppermint oil (and less of it) for peppermint extract.
4. Using unsweetened carob chips for the chocolate chips (and more of them).

Additionally, I made half the recipe since I just wanted to try it. The results were fantastic!

I made a short movie of the experience. Please comment and let me know what you think!


Arabic Bites said...

Wow... This looks just amazing.
First thing on my To Do list

Deb Schiff said...

Thanks a bunch, Zainab. You're going to love it, if mint carob chip is a favorite!

Anonymous said...

Very cool, Deb! Will have to play with agave...

Deb Schiff said...

Thanks, Kieran! Love your Ice Cream Ireland blog. So creamy and delicious. :)