20 May 2007

Product Review: Fruit-sweetened Ginger and Orange Marmalade

In the recipe for Hamantaschen below, I made two different fillings using fruit-sweetened spreads. This was not one of them. Not because it isn't tasty, because it is. I just didn't want to make a gingery filling for the hammys.

Now, on to the product review.

First, a little of this Ginger and Orange Marmalade goes a long way. I've never really been a fan of marmalade, except for a lemon marmalade I've used in chocolate fillings. But, this spread has convereted me. It's sweetened with the typical fruit juices, but the primary flavors are definitively orange and ginger. There are thin slices of orange rind, as you would find in most marmalades, but interestingly, they bite back like they've been marinated in ginger.

If I were to cook pork, which I don't, but I know some of you do, I would use this spread in a marinade for pork chops. I think it would be fantastic.

When I baked the hammys below, I had a bit of extra dough leftover. With the excess dough, I made simple cut-out cookies that I topped with the marmalade to a very tasty result. I also used miniature tart pans, lined with the cookie dough and filled with the marmalade. Those were delicious as well.

So, to rank this product on a scale of 1-10, I would give it a very high 9. Why not 10? The price! Bottles of St. Dalfour aren't cheap, but in the case of their Ginger and Orange Marmalade, it's worth the investment, especially if you have to avoid sugar-sweetened jams and preserves.

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