05 August 2008

Product Review: Jake's Unbaked Bars

Jake's Unbaked is an ethical, vegan company that makes some of the most delicious, raw-agave-nectar- sweetened bars I've ever tasted. The Yogi Bar, flavored with Masala Chai spices, is crunchy, fresh tasting, and spicy with ginger and pepper. It might well be my favorite.

Jake's Goji bar also has a nice snap to it, but you can really taste the tangy gojis along with the coconut and almonds that are in every bar. As with all the bars, I was especially impressed by how crisp these soaked and low-temperature dried bars are. Some bars can be rubbery, or too sticky to take along on hikes or bike rides. These are just perfect for taking along on trips.

Finally, the Rawnola bar is definitely up there with the Yogi bar, as far as my flavor preference is concerned. Jake's Rawnola takes the best of what a granola bar is about -- flavor, texture, and portability -- and kicks it up a few notches by making it raw.

I can't say enough about these agave-sweetened bars. Of course, I tend to biased toward foods with fewer than 10 ingredients. Overall, they're terrific.

There's only one drawback, and that's a labeling issue. On the Jake's Unbaked Web site, the ingredients are all listed as organic (except the sea salt). The packaging, on the other hand, does not say the ingredients are certified organic (or organic at all). So, I would suggest to Jake that he invest in some new labels stressing the organic-ness of his products, especially since it shows that he puts a lot of time and energy into producing such a nice bar.

Jake's Unbaked

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