12 October 2007

Weight Loss Progress Update -- Big Milestone

Back in August, I shared with you the progress I've made in my weight loss plan since I started it on 17 July. Since August, I've only lost another 5 lbs (and finally broken into the 130s after more than three years). But, I dropped 2 in. off my waist, 1 in. off my hips, 1 in. off my chest, and 1 in. off my thigh (I only measure the left one since I exercise both)! My guess is that I've built some muscle, which weighs more than fat.

Importantly, I've dropped my body fat percentage by 4 points, down to 32%. Body fat estimators (this one is done purely on measurements of the neck, waist, and hips, along with height) are not necessarily the way to go. But since I don't have a little digital estimator or one of those fancy labs, I have to use the U.S. Marine Corps Height and Circumference method.

All that progress is great, but I still have a long way to go -- 14 more lbs and 10 more body fat percentage points to lose. Dropping the inches is rewarding, though. Earlier this week, I wore clothes I haven't worn in more than a year. And they fit the way they should, not tightly!

So, I'm still keeping up with the exercise, but I haven't been as dedicated on the calorie counting. Back to it!

Another possible explanation for the size change is that I had more than my share of dental work in the past few weeks. Those visits to the dentist always put me on smaller portions and really soft food (read: non-fat yogurt, low-calorie soups, and pureed beans and squash). More than likely, that helped.

The end of the year is coming up quickly. Hope I can make my goal!

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